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We are a UK charity set up to introduce new friends and bring supporters to the fantastic charitable project of ESRA in Israel – Students Build a Community.

Students are provided with housing in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and in return each student mentors a group of local schoolchildren and becomes a social activist.

Students Build a Community

Students Build a Community

87% of Children

Academic Improvement

Individual and group empowerment in a positive and supportive setting to facilitate personal development while improving social behavior and academic achievement. Teachers report 27% average academic improvement on previous year.


98% of Students

Complete Degrees

Financial support enables students to complete their studies and become contributing members of society, as well as the opportunity to experience volunteering and learn that to give is to get. 50% of students participate in the project for two years or more.



Volunteer hours

Invested in community activities to generate solidarity and enrichment - promoting social integration and community involvement for the students, the children and their families and greatly reducing the cycle of poverty and distress.


Watch the movie above and see how ESRA is creating mentoring opportunities, educational support and developing communities in some of the most challenging locations in Israel.

Looking ahead

With 14 years of experience, it is ESRA's ambition to introduce our flagship project to many more areas of need.
Currently, negotiations are underway to expand the program to several new cities in the 2021-22 academic year.

Through supporting this project, we can help raise children’s academic achievements, lower the crime rate, help students complete their degrees and bring new life to underprivileged areas.

We make the most of your contribution

About Friends of ESRA in Israel

Friends of ESRA in Israel was created in 2017 and registered as a UK charity in 2019 in order to provide financial or material assistance to support the charitable work of ESRA. As part of this objective it desires to bring awareness in the UK of the work of ESRA which is Israel's largest English-speaking volunteer organisation.

The trustees of Friends of ESRA in Israel host an annual fundraising event in London, as well as arranging educational briefings on the work of Students Build a Community and ESRA across the UK.

Stephen Samuel


Richard Stein

Chairman of Trustees

Roger Adelman

UK Fundraising for ESRA

UK Fundraising for ESRA

ESRA is a non-profit organisation, based on an army of volunteers, with two main aims - to facilitate the needs of English speakers and to support the weaker sectors in Israeli society.
With active volunteers in all areas of the operation, backed up by a very small staff administrative staff. It means only 11.2% of income is spent on administrative expenses – an extremely low figure for the non-profit sector.
ESRA is awarded the internationally-recognised Midot ‘Seal of Effectiveness’ for its commitment, leadership and impact to create social value and generate positive changes in the lives of its beneficiaries.

Click here to see ESRA’s Annual Report 2019

Connect to life in Israel through ESRA

Be a Part of Life in Israel

Connect to life in Israel and engage with Israeli English speakers:

  1. Social activities
  2. Read ESRAmagazine to catch up in the community
  3. Share your gift of English as an online tutor and offer Israeli schoolchildren the gift of improved English

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